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Update To Git Branch Master

Current working branch:

git branch
* master

Working on a different branch:

git checkout -b ANOTHER_BRANCH
Switched to a new branch 'ANOTHER_BRANCH'

Check if there are some new commits on master:

git checkout master
git pull

Merge changes

The easiest approach for merging the changes would be:

git checkout ANOTHER_BRANCH
git merge master

If there are differences, then merge will apply the commits to the top of ANOTHER_BRANCH and create a new merge commit. Otherwise, the merge will be resolved by a fast-forward.


git checkout ANOTHER_BRANCH
git rebase master

Rebase moves all diverging commits of ANOTHER_BRANCH to the top. The diverging commits will have new hashes because history will be rewritten. Accordingly, if you’ve previously pushed your feature branch to remote, then the only way to update it is with force push.

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