macOs MySQL

Install MySQL on Mac

Install MySQL using Homebrew, open the terminal an type in:

$ brew install mysql

Start MySQL server by typing

$ brew services start mysql

Secure the server by typing

$ mysql_secure_installation

When using brew services start mysql the server will re-start at OS reboot, if you run:

$ brew services stop mysql

This will stop MySQL and not re-start after a OS reboot.

You can also avoid this buy typing:

$ mysql.server start

This will start MySQL and keep it running until the you shutdown the computer or type in:

$ mysql.server stop

Connect to server

$ mysql -u root -p

macOs Qt

macdeployqt – deploying on macOS

The deployment tool can be found at

$ QTDIR/{VERSION}/{COMPILER}/bin/macdeployqt

How to use the macdeployqt tool using the terminal.

-verbose=<0-3> 0 = no output, 1 = error/warning (default), 2 = normal, 3 = debug
-no-pluginsSkip plugin deployment
-dmgCreate a .dmg disk image
-no-stripDon’t run ‘strip’ on the binaries
-use-debug-libsDeploy with debug versions of frameworks and plugins (implies -no-strip)
-executable=Let the given executable also use the deployed frameworks
-qmldir=Deploy imports used by .qml files in the given path
$ QTDIR/{VERSION}/{COMPILER}/bin/macdeployqt <path to app file generated by build>/